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Bao Dongni Picture Books Aquarium Series 1 BLC663


Paul Dongni Picture Books Aquarium  Series are China’s first ocean fairy tale picture book. Through a unique and touching story of marine animal life to let the kids to learn the colorful marine life, respect,love and healthy life attitude on our planet. This book is suitable for children aged from 4 to 10 years old and primary for life education courses materials. Please click here for more details


Book Title:
Whitefish Xiaojiu 白鲸小久
Courageous Journey of the Little Turtles 小海龟的勇敢旅程
King Penguins Lucky Stars 王企鹅的幸运星
The First Class of the Small Hermit Crab 小寄居蟹的第一课
Mermaid Makeover 美人鱼大变身
The Whale Song 鲸鱼之歌

By Dongni Bao, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32-42 pages/book, 10.3''x8.55''
Item: Bao Dongni Picture Books Aquarium Series 1
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