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Nine-Colored Deer BST190


A nine colored deer saves a man from drowning and he promised not to tell anybody about the deer. The same day, the Queen had a dream about a nine colored deer and using the fur to make a beautiful cloak and the King ordered a reward to anyone that can find the deer. The king's men find the man that was saved by the deer and they ask him about the deer. He leads the king and his men to the deer and before they are about to kill the deer, the deer asks the King who told him about his location. When the King told the deer that it was the man he saved, the deer tells the King about his promise never to tell anyone. Disgusted, the King orders that no more deer will ever be hunted ever again.


By Dongni Bao, Illustrated by Jude Liu, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 49 pages, 11.5"x8.55"
Item: Nine-Colored Deer
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