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Bao Dongni Picture Book Series BSE496


Bao Dongni Picture Book Series is a collection of short stories written by Bao Dongni and illustrated by Liu Jiangping. Each book in the series provokes a different thought, with its carefully painted pictures and beautifully constructed text, thereby allowing readers to always find something to learn and enjoy. Please click here for each tittle description.


Book Titles:
I Love Mom 我爱妈妈
Big Fu 大阿福
Petals dog 花瓣狗
Waiting for you to 等你来
Purple hair jellyfish 紫发水母
Christmas Snowman 圣诞雪人
Straw Castle 麦秸城堡
Where is Rainbow 彩虹在哪里

By Dongni Bao, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 36 pages/book, 11.46"x8.4"
Item: Bao Dongni Picture Book Series
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