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Bao Dongni Picture Books BSE577


Bao Dongni Picture Book Series is a collection of short stories. Each book in the series provokes a different thought, with its carefully painted pictures and beautifully constructed text, thereby allowing readers to always find something to learn and enjoy. 


Book Titles:
Chinese New Year Food 年味儿(春节)
Lantern Festival 元宵灯(元宵节)
Dragon Boat Dumplings Rice Cakes 端午粽米香 (端午节)
Grandmas Youth League 奶奶的青团 (清明节)
Huaniang Valley 花娘谷 (花朝节)
Chrysanthemum Honey 菊花蜜 (重阳节)
Full Moon 满月
Lotus Lanterns and The Sound of Flute 荷灯照夜人
The Snow Lotus 冈拉梅朵

By Bao Dongni, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 34 pages/book, 11.5“x8.5"
Item: Bao Dongni Picture Books
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