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Chinese Paradise Test Book BLE362


"Chinese Paradise Test Book” is a supplementary book of test questions designed to accompany the textbook "Chinese Paradise" (2nd Edition), with a total of 6 levels. Levels 1-3 apply to YCT Level 1-2 Chinese, and Grades 4-6 apply to YCT Level 3-4 Chinese. Each level of this test book includes:
· Practice tests (6 unit tests, 1 midterm test, 1 final test)
· Listening script
· Answer key

《汉语乐园同步测试》是根据《汉语乐园》(第2版)课本设计的配套测试题,共6级。1-3级适用于YCT 1-2级汉语水平,4-6级适用于YCT 3-4级汉语水平。《汉语乐园同步测试》每级包括:
· 测试卷
 - 6套单元测试卷
 - 1套期中测试卷
 - 1套期末测试卷
· 听力文本
· 参考答案

By Fuhua Liu, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 88 pages, 11.8x9.8
Item: Chinese Paradise Test Book
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