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Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese BLR027


Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese is a composition enrichment practice book developed in line with the 2015 Singapore Ministry of Education Primary Chinese language syllabus.
Closely linked to each lesson theme, 20 sets of exercises in total
Utilizes simple terms and language to guide pupils in completing the exercises, helping pupils to construct their stories step-by-step
Exercises are made up of four sections:
Viewing the story: related scenarios and helping words are provided accordingly based on lesson themes. Guiding pupils on 6 basic composition writing skills(Support contents provided for the first 10 stories)
Telling the story: using “introduction, body, conclusion” as the framework to guide pupils in telling their stories thereby helping them to practice oral skills (Support content is provided for the first 10 stories)
Drawing the story: get pupils’ creative juices flowing to draw a story of their own
Writing the story: pupils learn to construct essays on their own by using the steps above
Each practice comes with a “rubric”

一年级小学华文《我的故事》 - 我看·我讲·我画·我写是根据最新小一课本《欢乐伙伴》写作小练笔编写。

By Guo Su Ming, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 100-200 pages, 10.24"x7.5"
Item: Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese
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