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Chinese Language for Primary Schools Big Book BSE559


These big readers are the companion books for Chinese Language for Primary Schools series. Each fun story is told with illustration, Chinese characters and Pinyin.


Book Titles:
Who is He? 他是谁?
Xiao Le's One Day 小乐的一天
Good Helper 好帮手
Going to See a Doctor 看医生
Have You Seen My Socks?你看见我的袜子了吗
Where Are You? 你们在哪里
Fruit Day 水果日
Where Shall We Live? 住在哪里好呢?
You Will be Tall 你会长高的
I am a Magician 我是魔术师
Our New Home我们的新家
Our Friends 我们的朋友
Mom's Birthday 妈妈的生日
What Pets Do You Have? 你想养什么宠物?
Salad Competition 沙拉大赛
First Time at the Night Market 第一次逛夜市

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 12 pages/book, 20"x15"

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