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Huan Le Huo Ban Chinese Language Activity Book BLE316


Based on the content of the textbooks for the revised Chinese Language for Primary Schools program, these workbooks are filled with learning activities which support Chinese language development.This of books covers six levels of the core curriculum program for primary schools. It has been developed to help pupils learn the Chinese language effectively. This curriculum adopts a modular approach which introduces greater flexibility and customization into the teaching and learning of Chinese language to cater to students of different proficiency levels. It has been designed to help students acquire language skills progressively, beginning with the ability to converse, and subsequently at higher levels, the ability to read and write. At each level, the core curriculum is supported by a comprehensive range of textbooks, activity books, teaching guides and supplementary materials. Teachers can use the teaching materials flexibly in accordance with the language skills of students and other objective conditions, and improve teaching effectiveness. Ages 5+.

欢乐伙伴是根据2010年《母语课程检讨委员会报告书》和2015年《小学华文课程标准》,并参考各方意见编写而成的。小学华文教学配套包括课本、活动本、习字本、教学用书、数码资源、汉语拼音资料包、教学活动工具和、字卡、字宝宝、大图书和小图书等。各类教材必须配合使用,才能取得最佳效果。教师可根据学生的语言能力及客观条件,对本教材作灵活处理,以提高教学效率。 欢乐伙伴一年级活动本分两册。各课设有八至十项活动,其中包括生活运用。此外,活动本也附有贴纸,供教师教学使用。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 79-103 pages/book, 10.25"x8"
Item: Huan Le Huo Ban Chinese Language Activity Book
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