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Chinese Language Small Reader BSE558


These readers are the companion books for Chinese Language for Primary Schools series. Each fun story is told with illustration, Chinese characters and Pinyin.


Book Titles:
1A Happy Forest 快乐森林
1B Dian Dian Playground 点点乐园
2A Dian Dian's Little World 点点小天地
2B Dian Dian and Cloudy Baby 点点和云宝宝
3A Dian Dian is the Happiest 点点真开心
3B Dian Dian is Looking for Features 点点找特点
4A Dian Dian is a Good Brother 点点是个好哥哥
4B Dian Dian's Alien Friends 点点的外星人朋友

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 1A-2B with Pinyin, 72 pages/book, 7.9x6"
Item: Chinese Language Small Reader
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