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Learning Values Bilingual Storybooks BSB183


These Chinese and English bilingual books teach young children values through simple stories, illustrated with water color paintings and accompaning audio CDs in Chinese and English. The set includes four stories: a little girl doesn't want to wash her hair, the story tells her why everyone needs to wash the hair and makes her realize how great to have clean hair. One little boy meets a frog, who mistakenly thinks the boy is the prince of the kingdom and want sto bring him back to the frog kingdom. The boy learns about the nature and the difference between him and frog while he was in the frog kingdom. There is a lovely small house in the forest. But she is not happy because all the animals already have their own homes and finally one day a bear family moves in, the empty house becomes a lively home! The giraffe teacher told the little badger: "Love must speak out, keep it in your heart will be moldy! Today's homework is to say I love you 100 times to your parents." Will the little badger be able to complete it successful? Ages 4-8.

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters and English, 26 pages/book, 10.05"x10.5", 1 bilingual CD
Item: Learning Values Bilingual Storybooks
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