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Reading Tree Level 4 BSG246


The Reading Tree series is divided into several levels, and each level includes a Reader’s Guide. The starter level is designed for kindergarten children, while the other levels are suitable for elementary and secondary school students. Each story is illustrated with graphic images to facilitate the reader’s understanding and interests.


Book Titles:
1. Where is China? 中国在哪里?
2. Where Do I Sit? 我坐在哪里?
3. Role-Playing is Fun角色扮演真好玩儿
4. Caterpillar is Lost 毛毛虫不见了
5. I Can't Sleep 我睡不着
6. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 早饭、午饭和晚饭
7. Where Do You Live? 你家住在哪儿?
8. What's the Weather Like? 天气怎么样?
9. Basking on the Beach 在海边晒太阳
10. Go To The Zoo 一起去动物园

By Victor Siye Bao, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 21 pages/book, 8.1"x6.75"
Item: Reading Tree Level 4
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