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Reading Tree Level 5 BSG252


The Reading Tree series is divided into several levels, and each level includes a Reader’s Guide. The starter level is designed for kindergarten children, while the other levels are suitable for elementary and secondary school students. Each story is illustrated with graphic images to facilitate the reader’s understanding and interests.


Book Titles:
1 Family Tree (1) 家庭树(1)
2 What Does It Look Like? 看上去像什么?
3 The Family Name Comes Before the Given Name 姓在前,名在后
4 Can We Play Together? 可以一起玩儿吗?
5 Shy Mimi 胆小的咪咪
6 Where Did Dad Go? 爸爸去哪儿了?
7 Family Tree (2) 家庭树(2)
8 Monopoly 大富翁
9 Painting Eggs 画彩蛋
10 A Christmas Party 圣诞派对

By Victor Siye Bao, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 19 pages/book, 8"x6.75"
Item: Reading Tree Level 5
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