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Chinese Graded Readers Level 3-Novice High BSG292


World Chinese Graded Readers is a 10 Level series for learners of the Chinese language. Comprising hundreds of best-loved children's readers, this series features fascinating content, beautiful illustrations, and authentic language usage. Graded with reference to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Reading, the books expose learners to a wide range of vocabulary and language forms to develop their reading skills at each level. Learners will engage with a variety of themes related to the world around them and acquire useful vocabulary and sentence structure for everyday communication, and life in a diverse world. Simple and enjoyable, this is a series you won't want to put down! Each reader includes Pinyin annotations, full English translation and a glossary of useful words

E-books are available for purchase at $7.95 each, and please contact us for details.

Book Titles:
So Yucky! 真难吃!
The Vehicles Love to Play with Water 汽车汽车爱玩水
What Has Daddy Become? 爸爸变成了什么?
The Treasure of the Dung Beetles 屎壳郎的宝贝
The Cricket's Ballad 蟋蟀小谣
A Flying Umbrella 会飞的小伞
Whose Garden? 谁的菜园?
Who's the First? 谁是第一名?
Everyone Is Sleeping 都睡着了
Little Elephant's Bathtub 小象的澡盆
A Hug 抱抱
Riding on a Swing 荡秋千
It's Raining 下雨啦
Shh! Be Quiet 嘘!别出声
Bad Mood Today 今天不高兴
The Way 路
Without It 如果没有它
What Does It Look Like?  像什么
Families 一家人
Big and Small 大大的,小小的
Don't Forget, Little Yuanyuan 小元元, 别忘了
What Happens When I'm Sleeping? 睡着了会发生什么?
The Colorful Sky 彩色的天空
Who's the Tallest? 谁最高?
Colorful Milk 彩色牛奶
Mr. Crocodile Takes the Elevator 鳄鱼先生坐电梯
Can I Get in Your Vehicle? 我可以上车吗
The Ballad of the Praying Mantis 螳螂小谣曲
The Startled Mouse 吓一跳 
The Big-Toothed Dinosaur and the Small-Toothed Dinosaur 大牙恐龙和小牙恐龙
Mao Mao and the Dog 毛毛+狗+石头-石头
The Crawling Ant 一只蚂蚁爬呀爬
The Strange Vegetable Soup 奇怪的蔬菜汤
Turning Fruits into Toys 水果变变变
A Little Ditch 一条小水沟
Who Has Been Outside? 谁出门了
Big Elephant Gives Up the Swing 如何让大象从秋千上下来呢
Mr. Octopus Sells Umbrellas 章鱼先生卖雨伞
Mr. Octopus Celebrates His Birthday 章鱼先生过生日
The Lost Button 一颗纽扣
Do You Want to Go? 去不去?
I Was Not Careful 是我不小心
Where Are the Pinecones? 松果在哪里
Zhuang Zhuang the Little Bear 小熊壮壮
A Day in Early Spring 早春的一天
Looking for Mom 找妈妈
Mr. Octopus Wants to Have a Contest 章鱼先生要比赛
Mr. Octopus Takes Some Pictures 章鱼先生去拍照
Where Is Mr. Octopus Hiding? 章鱼先生藏哪儿了
The “Hundred” Faces of Snow White “百”雪公主
The Ballad of the Butterflies 蝴蝶小谣曲
I Want to Eat An Elephant 我要吃一头大象

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 16-40 pages/book, 8.25" x 8.25"
Item: Chinese Graded Readers Level 3-Novice High
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