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Chinese Graded Reader Level 1-Novice Low BSG303


World Chinese Graded Readers is a 10 Level series for learners of the Chinese language. Comprising hundreds of best-loved children's readers, this series features fascinating content, beautiful illustrations, and authentic language usage. Graded with reference to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Reading, the books expose learners to a wide range of vocabulary and language forms to develop their reading skills at each level. Learners will engage with a variety of themes related to the world around them and acquire useful vocabulary and sentence structure for everyday communication, and life in a diverse world. Simple and enjoyable, this is a series you won't want to put down! Each reader includes Pinyin annotations, full English translation and a glossary of useful words

E-books are available for purchase at $7.95 each, and please contact us for details.

Book Titles:

Eating Fruits 吃果子
Flowers for Mom 给妈妈
It’s Spring 春天来了
It’s Summer 夏天来了
It’s Autumn 秋天来了
It’s Winter 冬天来了
What Day of the Week Is It 星期几
There Are 12 Months in a Year 一年有十二个月
A Family 我们一家人
The Weather 天气
Mom’s Birthday 妈妈的生日
Hello 你好
Waiting in Line 排队
How Old Are You 你几岁
It’s Too Difficult 太难了
The Rainbow 彩虹
Days Before and After 昨天今天明天
A Friend Has Come 朋友来了
What Time Is It 几点了
Where Do You Live 你们住哪里
Who Do I Give the Clothes To? 衣服给谁呢
It's Already Dark 天黑了

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 16-24 pages/book, 8.25" x 8.25"
Item: Chinese Graded Reader Level 1-Novice Low
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