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Time To Series BSW1020


Time to Say "Please"! As a companion book to the popular Time to Pee!, Mo Willems has created a book on manners in his own signature style. Groups of ebullient mice narrate this humorous text as young children try in vain to get what they want, learning along the way that it is helpful to say "Please," "Thank you," "Excuse me," and "I'm sorry." Oh, and you have to mean it, too.
Time to Pee! Toilet training has never been such an adventure as when it is introduced by popular cartoonist Mo Willems. With his signature humor, the author gently leads children through each step in the process that will finally bring them to their emancipation from diapers. Featuring a crew of funny mice holding up signs with the text, children will be amused and inspired by this hilarious new picture book.

快来说“请”吧 谁不希望自己的孩子彬彬有礼?那么,为什么不用更好玩的方式教他们如何言行得体呢?让幽默大师莫·威廉斯的小老鼠们告诉孩子:想拿到自己想要的东西,一定要学会说“请”,没有人会拒绝讲礼貌的孩子!当然啦,“谢谢”和“对不起”也很管用,不过一定要用心说哦!

尿尿大冒险 由美国莫·威廉斯作图文、索霏翻译的《尿尿大冒险(精)》一书为儿童绘本故事(无电子数目)。想在市场上找出一本教学龄前儿童尿尿的书,大概比在时代广场找出一间干净的卫生间更难。而且,多半这本书还无法帮孩子解决这种问题。不过在这本书里,需要“救急”的孩子们在一队热心的小老鼠的陪伴和指引下,顺利地抵达卫生间,成功解决问题,并回到屋里。最后,还有鼓励的话语:“不要担心!如果这一次没有做好,你很快就会有下一次机会的!  

Book Titles:
Time to Say "Please"! 快来说“请”吧
Time to Pee! 尿尿大冒险

By Mo Willems, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 31 pages, 8.25"x10.25"
Item: Time To Series
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