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Chinese Characters, Radical Posters and Flash Cards  BLP144          BLF131                            BLP182
     The Chinese Characters Poster series includes most of the basic
     Chinese characters, accompanied by colorful illustrations and pinyin or
        zhuyin. The Chinese Radical Poster and Flash Card series contains
        common radicals familiar to most students, complete with their
      Posters  English and Chinese names and pinyin. The radicals on the posters
        are grouped together by their natural classifications. Each poster
        consists of 20 characters or radicals. Laminated, Simplified Chinese
        characters with Pinyin or Traditional Chinese characters with
        Zhuyin, Poster: 34.6"x22.8". Flash Card: 6.75"x4.5".
        BLP144  Character (SC)                  $9.99
        BLP146  Character (TC)                  $9.99
              Fruit,Vegetables,Animals, Birds,
              Daily Necessities, Colors and Shapes, Sports,
              Body, Food and Drink or Numbers
        BLP145  Radicals (SC)                   $9.99
        BLP147  Radicals (TC)                   $9.99
              Water, Grass/Bamboo, Dog/Fish/Insect,
              Gold/Fire, Walk/Door/Auto, Hand/Soil,   BLP145
              Human/Woman/Food, Wood/Ship, Heart/Eye/
              Sickness or Sun/Rock/Bird/Fire/Mouth
        BLP182 Radicals and Strokes             $9.99
              People, Body, Weather,  Animals and Plants,
              Clothes and Utensils, Construction and Tools,
              Stroke 1, Stroke 2, Stroke 3 or Rules of  Writing
        BLF131   Writing Flash Card and Poster Set (SC)    $12.95
              24 Strokes of Characters 1   24 Strokes of Characters 2
              24 Strokes of Characters 3   8 Rules of Writing
              48 Radical Characters 1        48 Radical Characters 2
              48 Radical Characters 3        48 Radical Characters 4
              48 Radical Characters 5        48 Radical Characters 6

      Wall Charts on Chinese
      Geography and History
      The Great Wall, the Yangtze River, the
      Five Elements, and China's main regions
      and provinces are featured on this set of
      11 large wall charts illustrating the basics
      of Chinese history and geography.The straightforward text and simple   Illustrated Chinese-English Posters
      illustrations allow readers to quickly grasp important information about   This full-color poster set consists of ten posters, each covering a theme ranging from hobbies,
      this ancient country. Poster, English, 34”x23”.  sports, Chinese food, to holidays, emotions, and more. Laminated, Simplified Chinese characters
      BLP119    $29.95                                with Pinyin, Traditional Chinese characters with Zhuyin and English, 20”x30”. Ages 6+.
                                                      $9.95 each
                                                      BLP131  Living Room, Emotions, Restaurant, Chinese Cuisine, On the Road,
                                                            Hobbies, Campus, Classroom, Sports or Holidays

     Characters and Pinyin Wall Posters
     The character poster consists of the radicals of Chinese characters,
     character structures, and their sample characters. The pinyin poster   Language Wand - Talking Posters
     shows the consonants, vowels, and rules of the combinations of   This revolutionary new poster series teaches Chinese by clicking on a selected image or
     Chinese consonants and vowels. Simplified Chinese characters and   character with a pointer pen. The 36-poster set allows students to hear the pronunciation of
     Pinyin, 30”x20.4”.                              each character and words in English and 45 other languages. 36 posters: 34"x22.4", 1 Talking Pen,
     BPO006  Character (4 Posters)            $23.95               1 Speaker.
             Pinyin (2 Posters)                       $13.95  BLP206 $499.95
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