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T extbooks for Elementary   School Students

                                          YCT Standard Courses
                                          This book series is compiled to prepare students for YCT tests. Each lesson includes vocabulary, activities,
                                          exercises, and a mock test in the same format as the real test. Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin
                                          and English, 62-142 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25". Ages 6-12.
                                          BLR022 Textbook      Level 1 or 2  $29.95   Level 3 or 4  $35.95   Level 5 or 6  $39.95
                                          BLR029 Workbook    Level 1 or 2  $12.95    Level 3 or 4  $14.95          Level 5 or 6  $19.95

     China Study
     Written for non-native Chinese learners of grades 1-6,
     this book series uses a theme-based teaching approach
     aimed at creating a relaxed learning environment,
     where students can develop critical thinking skills
     while learning about Chinese culture. Based on the
     IB transdisciplinary curriculum, the illustrated books
     combine different IB courses with the study of a wide
     range of topics related to Chinese culture and society.
     The specific assessment criteria described in the book
     make assessments easy. Paperback, Simplified Chinese
     characters, 88-116 pages/book, 11"x8.25".
     BLR036  Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6     $14.95  YCT Official
      BLE073                              Examination Paper                   YCT Test Syllabus and Guide
                                          This series provides YCT official exam papers for   These YCT test prep books contain topic syllabi, tasks,
                                          students to practice and offers guidance to prepare   language points and vocabularies, and official examination
                                          for the exams. Paperback, Simplified Chinese   papers. Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 33-80
                                          characters, 81-131 pages/book, 11.25”x8.2”.Ages 5-10. pages/book, 11.25"x8.25". Ages 5-10.
                                          BLR034  Vol. 1 $29.95     Vol. 2 $30.95   BLR023 Level 1  $15.95  BLR023 Level 2   $19.95
                                                         Vol. 3 $32.95   Vol. 4 $34.95   BLR023 Level 3  $22.95  BLR023 Level 4   $24.95
                                                               I Love Chinese
                                                               These introductory books are excellent starter sets for young learners. The
                                                               series covers various subjects such as basic greetings, shapes, places, tastes,
                                                               seasons, animals, insects, sports, and more in the familiar, award-winning
                                                               My First Chinese Words format. Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese
                                                               characters. Ages 3-6.
                                                               BLE066 12 Small Books & 1 CD (8-12 pages/book, 6”x6”)  $20.95
                                                               BLE067 12 Big Books (8 pages/book, 11"x11")    $251.40
                                                               BLE096 Workbook (50 pages/book, 7.5”x8.25”)    $10.95
                                                               BLE189 48 Activity and 12 Writing Sheets (11"x8.5”)    $49.95
                                                               BLE325  Teacher Guide(272 pages, 10.25”x7.5”)    $30.95
     Big Book Chinese
     Big Book Chinese is a set of textbooks designed for   BLE326
     children to learn Chinese through stories and activities.
     Each big book stands as a unit and presents a story
     for teachers to use in class. The small books contain
     the same stories as their corresponding big books. The
     workbook and the teacher's guide cover all units for the
     level, including worksheets, activities, songs, and rhymes
     that are developed around the stories. Paperback,
     Simplified Chinese characters, Small Books: 18 pages/  Yeah! Chinese!
     book, 9"x7.1". Big Books: 14 pages/book, 15"x11.75",   This series is designed for children learning Chinese as a foreign language at an early age. Yeah! Chinese! uses
     Workbook and Teacher’s Guide: 55 pages/ book,   storytelling as a learning tool, which is a fun and stress-free way for students to develop language skills. High
     11.25"x8.5". Ages 5+.                frequency words, repetition of vocabulary and sentence structures, and songs are adopted to help with
     BLE073 Level 1 Big Book        $12.95 language acquisition. Free online flash cards, teaching demonstrations, and digital resources are provided to
     BLE074 Level 1 Small Book      $5.95  support integrated learning. Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters. Ages 5-10.
     BLE075 Level 1 Workbook        $9.95  BLE326  Small Books (Vol. 1-20, 51-60 pages/book, 7.87”x7.87”)   $15.95 each
     BLE076 Level 1 Teacher’s Guide    $17.95 BLE333  Big Books (Vol. 1-20, 36 pages/book, 16.5”x11.6”)   $24.95 each
            Hello, Panda, Baby Sister, Where      School Life, Family Life, Animals, Body Parts, Food and Drinks, Daily Routines,
            Is the Dog?, Happy Birthday or       Transportation and Travel, Numbers, Colors, Leisure, School Life II, Family Life II, Animals
            Chinese Dragon                       II, Body Parts II, Food, Weather and Seasons, Transportation and Travel II, Numbers II,
     BLE323 Level 2 Small Book Eating Fruit  $5.95      Colors and Clothes or Health and Growth
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