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The Chinese Picture Dictionary                                  Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary                                  Mandarin Chinese Picture                                 Picture Dictionaries
for Children                                                                                                                    Dictionary
                                                                                                 This book uses themes and
This dictionary, a                                                                               sub-themes as a framework                                        Learn 1,200 key
vocabulary builder for                                                                           to introduce more than                                           Chinese words
non-native learners,                                                                             1,000 commonly used                                              and phrases
presents essential words                                                                         nouns to kindergarten and                                        with this picture
through 62 themes,                                                                               lower elementary school                                          dictionary.  The
each accompanied by                                                                              students.The key feature                                         words are grouped
colorful illustrations                                                                           of this dictionary is that it                                    into 37 themes or
and photographs,                                                                                 creates extended learning                                        topics, covering all of
making language more                                                                             opportunities by matching                                        the words for the
meaningful and learning                                                                          the nouns with measure                                           AP Chinese and HSK
more effective.Topics                                                                            words and verbs to form                                          Levels 1 and 2. Each
include: Me,At Home, In                                                                          meaningful phrases.A                                             theme has 25 to 35
the Neighborhood,At                                                                              mobile app for Android                                           words and five to eight
School, Food, Having Fun, and The World. Paperback,             and iOS platforms provides audio support. Paperback,                                              sentences and is richly
Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 146          Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 188          illustrated with color photographs.A CD contains
pages, 11"x8.5".Ages 5-14.                                      pages, 11"x8.5".Ages 6-12.                                      audio recordings of all the vocabulary and sentences.
BLB051 $28.95                                                   BLB080 $18.95                                                   Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and

First Thousand Words in Chinese                                 Mandarin Hip Hop                                                English, 96 pages, 10”x7.5”, 1 CD.Ages 8-12.
                                                                                                                                BLB084 $15.95
                                     This Chinese version       Rhymes and songs help
                                     of the best-selling First  teach the Chinese language                                      The Ultimate Illustrated Chinese
                                     Thousand Words series      in this unique series of                                        Grammar Guide
                                     is wonderful for getting   textbooks. Each of its
                                     children started in a new  four volumes includes                                           A reference guide for entry-
                                     language. Chinese words    a textbook, an activity                                         level students and their
                                     are presented with         workbook, and a Chinese                                         teachers, this book presents
                                     an illustration and the    character builder book.                                         basic grammar points with
                                     pronunciation guide.       Each textbook includes 20                                       vivid illustrations, abundant
                                     A complete English/        lessons that feature music                                      drills, and exercises.
                                     Chinese list of words                                                                      Grammar points are
                               taught in the book and notes and lyrics, as well as                                              arranged according to the
                                                                colorful illustrations.After completing the second level, level of difficulty and are
                               their pronunciation
                               guides are also included. students will have learned 300 basic Chinese words and integrated into topics that
                               Hardcover, Simplified            700 combined words.An audio CD accompanies each deal with daily life. Sentence
                               Chinese characters, Pinyin textbook. Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters,                   patterns are introduced
and English, 64 pages, 12.25”x9.25”.Ages 4-8.                                                                                   gradually, making learning more enjoyable and less
BLB038 $16.99                                                   Pinyin and English,Textbooks: 87-90 pages/book, 1 CD,           stressful. Paperback,Traditional Chinese characters and
                                                                Workbooks: 72-87 pages/book, 11"x8.25".Ages 6-11.               English, 207-228 pages/book, 10.26"x7.6".
                                                                BLE017	 Textbook (Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4) 	 $19.95
Chinese Picture Dictionary                                      BLE039	 Workbook (Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4) 	 $14.95                   BLL206 Vol. 1 or 2                         $17.95

The 26 realistic
scenarios in this
dictionary allow readers                                        My First Chinese-English Picture                                I Can Speak Chinese!
to experience the daily                                                                     Dictionary
                                                                                                                                                                I Can Speak Chinese! teaches
life of a Chinese family.                                                                   Fun, child-centric scenes                                           young children more than
                                                                                                                                                           1,000 Chinese words
The family participates                                                                     introduce 1,000 Chinese                                        and sentence patterns.
in everyday events that
                                                                                            words in this well-                                            Topics include family,
are demonstrated with                                                                                                                                      going to school, shopping,
                                                                                            organized dictionary. New                                           and more. Oral Chinese
pictures and vocabulary                                                                            words are divided into                                       guidance is provided in
thoroughly presented                                                                               38 everyday topics such                                      the complementary audio
in both traditional and                                                                            as family, food, school,                                     CD. Paperback, Simplified
simplified characters.                                                                             weather, and recreation.                                     Chinese characters, Pinyin
An MP3 and a booklet                                                                               Each topic offers a short                                    and English, 68 pages,
with example sentences                                                                             reading passage for                                          11.25"x8.5", 1 CD.Ages 5+.
are included to enhance                                                                            practicing the vocabulary                                    BLB059 $19.95
listening and reading skills. Hardcover, Simplified and                                            words, guidance on
Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English, 80         related words, and fun facts about the topic.The                New Bilingual Visual Dictionary
pages, 12”x8.5". 1 MP3.Ages 6+.                                 companion CDs allow students to hear proper
BLB067 $29.95                                                   pronunciation of each word and reading passage.                 This book and CD-
                                                                Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and            ROM series features
Move and Groove in                                              English, 104 pages, 11"x8.5", 2 CDs.Ages 5+.                    useful, everyday words
Mandarin Chinese                                                                                                                in Chinese and English,
                                                                BLB044 $22.95                                                   which are grouped into
This book uses an engaging
multi-sensory approach to                                       My First Mandarin                                               subjects to provide
help young students enjoy                                       Chinese Phrases
learning the Chinese language                                                                                                   focused learning.The
                                                                                                                                included word games
by using original songs and                                     This book introduces
                                                                Chinese basics and cool                                         help make learning
music videos as a primary                                                                                                       fun.The CD-ROM
source of comprehensible                                        phrases to young children.                                      allows users to hear
input.While watching, moving,                                   Colorful illustrations and                                      words pronounced in
listening, and singing, kids can                                simple text make learning                                       both languages. Book:
build meaningful vocabulary.                                    Mandarin Chinese fun.                                           Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and
Paperback, Simplified Chinese                                   Paperback, Simplified                                           English, 148 pages, 11"x8.5". CD-ROM:Windows Vista/
characters, Pinyin and English, 94 pages, 10.25"x7.25", 1       Chinese characters, Pinyin                                      XP/2000/98, Mac OS X 10.4 and later.
DVD.Ages 4-12.                                                  and English, 32 pages,                                          BLB083	 Book or CD-ROM	                    $19.95
BLE246 $19.95                                                   10.25"x9.15".Ages 5-8.
                                                                BLB061 $7.95

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