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BLF075        Fun Games to Master Chinese                BLP048
                                     BLF076  Characters
                                             This eight-volume book               BLB034                   BLP160
                                             series teaches 720 Chinese
                                             characters through over
                                             500 interactive games,
                                             aimed at making Chinese                                                and Flash Cards  Chinese Characters
                                             character learning fun and
                                             effective. While introducing
                  BLF082                     the characters, it also helps
         BLF083                              children to learn common
                                             radicals, understand the meanings of these characters,
                                             discover patterns for the make-up of Chinese
                                             character structures, and find out the origin and
                                             evolution of Chinese characters.  Paperback, Simplified   Easy Chinese Language Tools
                                             Chinese characters, 50 pages/book, 9”x7.8”. Ages 6+.  Load your language toolkit with these handy bilingual
                                             BLP396 $79.95 per set of 8 books     tools for writing and reading Chinese. My Mini Chinese
                                                                                  Dictionary with pinyin allows students to add their
                                             BLP363                        BLP364  own entries, and My Mini Radical Dictionary Activity Book
         BLF079                                                                   presents radicals with sample words and pictures.
                                                                                  The Exercise Book allows students to use blank grids
                                     BLF080                                       to practice Chinese characters after class. Paperback,
                                                                                  Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English
                                                                                  translation,10.25"x7.25". Ages 4+
                                                                                  BLB034  My Mini Chinese Dictionary
                                                                                         (88 pages)            $8.95
                                                                                  BLP048  My Mini Radical Dictionary Activity
                                             Magic Word Puzzle                           Book (38 pages)       $5.95
                                             and Magic Pinyin Wheel               BLP160  Exercise Book (Regular or Large
                                             Sharpen your skills of Chinese vocabulary, sentence      Font, 32 pages)    $3.95
        Chinese Language Bingo and           construction, and pinyin with these innovative
        Flashcards                           educational games! The puzzle boasts 300 words   Kingka Chinese Matching and
        Incorporate game play into Chinese language   selected from YCT Level 1 to 3 vocabulary, covering   Memory Game
        instruction and make learning fun. Bingo and   various relatable topics. By spinning different plates   This award-winning
        the accompanying flash cards cover 600 Chinese   of the wheel, kids will create combinations of initials,   game makes learning
        characters. Basic Chinese Character Bingo and flash   finals, and tones to form the pronunciation of Chinese   Chinese characters a
        cards introduce 100 of the most commonly used   characters. Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin.   breeze! Kingka helps
        characters. Stroke Bingo helps students learn the 28   Word Puzzle: 115-170 Cards. Pinyin Wheel: 8.27” or   non-native speakers
        strokes that form all Chinese characters. Pinyin Bingo   4.96" in Diameter.  teach or practice
        focuses on the phonetic system of Chinese that allows   BLP363 Level 1 or 2    $29.95     Level 3   $39.95  Chinese with kids as
        students to sound out words and look them up in a   BLP364 Small              $19.95     Large     $29.95  young as three. Players
        dictionary. Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and   Magnetic Poetry Kids' Chinese Kit  increase their mastery
                                                                                  of Chinese characters
        English. Flash Cards:100 cards/set, 2.75"x5.5", Bingo:                    as they progress
        100 calling cards and 32 playing cards/set, 5.75"x8.25".   Each of the 140 magnetic tiles in   through each volume of this multi-level game. Using
        Ages 6+.                                          this set is printed with simplified   the basic characters, players can create 60 new words
        BLF075 Bingo (Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6)    $12.99  Chinese characters and pinyin on   in Vol. 1, including numbers, animals, body parts, food,
                                                          one side and English translations
        BLF076 Flash Cards ( Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6)  $8.99  on the other side. Stick these on   nature, and everyday objects.Vol. 2 teaches 200 new
        BLF082 Basic Bingo             $16.99             any steel surface for a fun way   words, including colors and verbs. Players of Vol. 3 will
        BLF083 Basic Flash Cards       $12.99             to learn the Chinese language.   create 200 new words, including family, adjectives, and
        BLF079 Pinyin                  $12.99             Magnet piece: 1”x0.75” or 1”x1.5”.   adverbs. Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters
        BLF080 Stroke                  $12.99             Ages 6+.                and Pinyin,108 cards/set, 1 CD/set, For 1-6 players.
                                                          BLP122  $18.95          Ages 3+.
        My Fun Chinese     BLP276             BLP277                              BLF070   Vol. 1 (SC or TC)        $29.95
        The My Fun Chinese series                         BSG153                  BLF091   Vol. 2 (SC or TC)        $29.95
        teaches basic Chinese to                                                  BLF092   Vol. 3 (SC)           $29.95
        young children. I Can
        Speak comes with a CD to                                                                 BPO003
        supplement the text and the
        Vocabulary 1-2-3 flash cards
        introduce  words and phrases
        that are used in daily spoken
        Chinese. I Can Read & I Can
        Write plus the Characters 1-2-3
        flash cards teach children to read and  BLP276  I Can Read Vol. 1, 2 or 3    $14.95  BLF136
        write basic Chinese. The double-sided  BLP276  I Can Read Vol. 4    $15.95
        Inverted Pyramid poster contains 338   BLP276  I Can Read Vol. 5 or 6    $16.95
        fundamental Chinese characters and  BLP277  I Can Write Vol. 1 or 2   $12.95
        their English meanings. These books,  BLP277  I Can Write Vol. 3 or 4    $13.95
        flash cards and posters use an inquiry- BLP277  I Can Write Vol. 5 or 6   $14.95
        response-based teaching and learning  BSG153  I Can Speak Set 1 or 2    $59.95
        method to make learning Chinese      (Green, Red, Blue or Purple, 26 pages/book, 4 books/set, 1 CD/set)
        easy and fun. Paperback, Simplified   BLF136  Character 1-2-3 Flash Cards Pack (115 Cards: 7.87”x5.4”)    $45.95
        Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.  BLF137  Vocabulary 1-2-3 Flash Cards Pack (Green, Red, Blue or Purple, 80-116 Daily
        Books: 52-87 pages/book, 10.25”x7.5”,    Word Cards, 4.72”x5.51”; 20-25 Key Word and 20-25 Sentence Cards, 9.45”x2.83”)  $49.95
        Flash Cards: 2.75”x8”. Ages 4-8.  BPO003 Inverted Pyramid of Basic Character Learning Chart (23.5"x16.25")    $15.95
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