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Hello! Mathematics Series 2 BLC324


Hello! Mathematics Series is a must read book in Korea. Children will understand how to measure the weight of two objects by lifting and scale. They will learn how to compare weight difference after reading the interesting story.Please view more details on each title in Simplified Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
The Story of Witch and Three Stars 《巫婆与三颗星星的故事》:立体图形
Animal Choir 《动物合唱团》:区分方位
Mr. Guton 《咕咚先生》:分类方法
The Big Lion 《小狮子大莱恩》:排列顺序
Lee's Pig 《李家猪,张家猪》:读取数字
The Missing Dr. Peter 《失踪的皮诺博士》:数字规律
Uncle Duck’s Clock 《鸭子叔叔的时钟》:读取时间
The Brave and Smart Cat 《勇敢敏捷的猫》:比较重量
The Anxious Bug 《忧虑虫,麦尔龙》:比较长度
A Full Basket 《装得满满的篮子》:零的概念

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 34 Pages/book, 9"X10"
Item: Hello! Mathematics Series 2
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