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Hello Mathematics Series 3 BLC358


Hello Mathematics Series is a must read book in Korea. Children will learn the notion of triangle, square, round and other flat screen graphics after reading one of the stories in the series. Please view more details on each title in Simplified Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
Bunny Plays With the Hoop 小兔子滚铁环-平面图形
Dori Only Likes Big One 朵利只喜欢大的-事物分类
Count the Beans 数豆粒儿-从l到100数数
I Hate Mathematics The Most 世上我最讨厌计算-两位数加减法
Peter and The Magic Wand 皮特与魔法棒-分数的概念
Leaf Ruler 树叶尺子-测量和间接比较的方法
Hunchback Grandma and The Tiger 驼背奶奶与老虎-测量面积的单位
How Much? So Much! 多少?这么多!-标准单位
Disordered Numbers 杂乱无章的数字-数字排列
Three Frog Musketeers and The Button Thieves 青蛙三剑客与纽扣小偷-规律性排列

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 34 Pages/book, 9"X10"
Item: Hello Mathematics Series 3
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