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Hello! Mathematics Series 1 BLC357


Hello Mathematics Series is a must read book in Korea. Children will learn the importance of orders by reading the snowman story. They will also learn Numbers from 1 to 10 through a fishing story. Please view more details on each title in Simplified Chinese characters.

《你好! 数学》是韩国家庭亲子阅读必备图书。三个雪人根据标准将帽子、铁锹、纽扣按顺序排列的故事,通过这个有趣的故事让孩子了解到将事物按顺序排列的方法以及必要性;通过小熊在朋友们的帮助下把大鱼拉上来的故事,让孩子轻松有趣地熟悉从第一到第十的顺序数。详细内容请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
There is a Big Lion at Home 我家有只大狮子-图形和立体图形
Go Outing 郊游去-形状或颜色
Snowman 雪人-分类和顺序
Ouch! Is Any One There 哎哟哎哟,有人吗?-顺序
Ten Bears A Home 十只熊,一个家-加法和减法
Long Dinosaur Short Dinosaur 长长恐龙,短短恐龙-长度的概念
Crocodile and Crocodile Bird 鳄鱼和鳄鱼鸟-宽窄的相对比较概念
A Boatman 船夫大叔-重量的相对比较概念
When is Tomorrow 明天什么时候来?-时间的前后关系
Little Spirit 小精灵-单数和双数

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 34 Pages/book, 9"X10"

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