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Ni Hao 2 Audio CDs Elementary Level BLT054


Enhance your Ni Hao 2 learning experience with this set of 4 audio CDs (3rd Edition) specifically created for use with the Ni Hao Textbook 2 and Ni Hao Workbook 2. CDs include the language and listening comprehension sections of the Ni Hao 2 Series to greatly improve each student's language abilities.

What's new in the 3rd Edition?

  • A new section "About Pinyin and characters" betters students' knowledge on pinyin rules and the origin of Chinese characters.
  • Two new review lessons were added for each end-semester sum up.
  • Offers a smoother transition from the introductory level to this elementary level, with stronger focus on the important sentence structure, but using a shorter vocabulary list.
  • The language introduced is more frequently and functionally repeated.
  • Settings and illustrations are closely related to students' daily life and are spiced with humor to lift students' learning spirit. Comics were also added to reinforce learning.
  • In the Workbook, exercises are now catered for individual sections in each lesson. New items introduced in each section are grouped for easy learning and handy referral.
  • In addition to exercises, each lesson includes both the listening and reading tasks for summative learning and testing. The settings of these tasks often poke fun at teenagers to incur laughter.

4 Audio CDs, 3rd Edition

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