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Popular Chinese Idioms BSL153


Chinese idioms, especially those four-character expressions, are a quintessential part of Chinese language and culture. Knowing and mastering these idiomatic expressions will not only help you improve your Chinese proficiency by enriching your communicative facility but also open a world of Chinese history and culture before your eyes. Popular Chinese Idioms is a choice collection of around 100 frequently used Chinese idioms. For each idiom the book provides a pithy yet trustworthy explanation as to its origin, meanings and usage. More importantly, vivid examples are attached to illustrate all entries’ currency in the contemporary Chinese context.  It is a must read for all who are interested in Chinese language and culture. It is an ideal reference book for students who are eager to enlarge their Chinese vocabulary and improve their Chinese writing competence. It is also a hard-to-find guide for those what want to do business with China because these idioms themselves offer an insight into the Chinese way of life and thinking.

Paperback, English(Text), Idioms Title(Simpliflied Chinese characters, Pinyin and English), 146 pages, 8.25" x 6"
Item: Popular Chinese Idioms
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