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Charlie and Lola BSW1159


Join two endearing, hilarious siblings for a smorgasbord of fun in Lauren Child’s witty stories about the triumph of imagination. Laugh out loud at Lola’s inventive antics, but save a cheer for kind, patient Charlie, the big brother we’d all love to have. Please click here for Individual book descriptions.

我有个妹妹叫劳拉。她是个有趣的小人儿。她总是数不清:裙子上的点点有多少个,十七只瓢虫需要穿多少双鞋,树上有多少片叶子,一百万比雨滴还要多吗……    本书是凯特·格林纳威奖大奖作品《我不吃番茄》作者新作,延续风靡全球的“查理与劳拉”故事,告诉孩子:数学不是一块抽象又可怕的巨石,它以无数种有趣的方式,走进孩子们的日常生活。

Book Title:
Absolutely One Thing 我真的只能要一件吗?
Slightly Invisible 你绝对绝对看不见我
I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed 我不困,我不想睡觉
I Am Too Absolutely Small for School 我太小,我不能上学

By Lauren Child, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32-40 pages/book, 9.5"x8.75"
Item: Charlie and Lola
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