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Clarice Bean Series BSE091


Clarice Bean is a funky character with real girl power. All she wants is a bit of peace and quiet, away from her family whom many of us will recognise only too well. This Simplified Chinese characters series will have children and adults alike returning time and time again to the Bean household to bask in the heartwarming glow of an intelligent, funny and honest take on family life, delivered with an enviable wit that is set to make young Clarice something of a superstar.

What Planet are You from Clarice Bean? - Gravity is a strange invisible force You know it's there because you are not floating about like a jellyfish. Sometimes I think gravity is a pity...The feisty CLARICE BEAN IS BACK tackling 'The Environment' in her own inimitable fashion. From trees and planets and holes in the sky, to litter bugs and eco warriors, Clarice Bean has something to say.

Clarice Bean, That's Me! - Poor Clarice Bean, sharing her bedroom with her irritating brother Minal Cricket, coping with his tendency towards hanging upside down until he turns purple, and having to squish all her worldly goods into the tiniest of spaces. It just doesn't seem fair, especially as her boy-obsessed, lipstick wearing sister has a room all to herself, as does her older brother Kurt--a non-communicative teenager "in the dark tunnel of adolescence".

My Uncle is a Hunkle, Says Clarice Bean - Clarice Bean is back in a second family saga. When Mum and Dad both have to go away on Important Business, there's nothing for it but to ask Uncle Ted to babysit. Uncle Ted is a fireman and says he has had lots of close shaves which is funny because he has a beard. Pretty soon chaos reigns as the guinea pig escapes, Grandad disappears and Minal Cricket gets his head stuck in the railings...

By Lauren Child, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32 pages, 9.25"x8.4"
Item: Clarice Bean Series
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