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That Pesky Rat BSW073


This brown street rat lives in a trash can in Grubby Alley, longing to be someone's pet. He knows plenty of animals who are pets. Pierre, a chinchilla, lives in the lap of luxury with Madame Fifi who feeds him chocolates. Nibbles, a lop-eared rabbit, works in a circus with Mr. Hoopla. (With all the trapezes and such, she may have a life that's "a little too nerve-wracking," but at least she has a name other than that pesky rat.) Miss St. Clair does puzzles with her Scottie dog, Andrew, and makes him wear a little hat and coat. "I don't think clothes would suit me," says our rat. "But I would do anything to be somebody's pet." One day, the rat takes the matter into his own paws and posts a notice in Mrs. Trill's pet store: "Brown rat looking for a kindly owner with an interest in cheese." Fortunately, the myopic Mr. Fortesque thinks he is a cat, and of course, no one corrects him. They live happily ever after, Mr. Fortesque and... Tiddles. Child's funky, clashing-pattern collages complement this sweetly earnest story of a creature who wants to love and be loved, even if it means having to wear a little sweater. Ages 4-8.

这是一个让人心里柔软的故事。老鼠是我们人类的天敌,它糟蹋了粮食,传播了病菌,带来了恐惧。我们极尽能事的去咒骂它、驱逐它、消灭它。因此,它只能生活在黑暗中。但是,我们也许从来没有意识到的是,也许黑暗中的老鼠也会期盼光明,也会希望得到温暖,也想有一个家。 我们看过的很多老鼠动画形象都是在反映老鼠的聪明和机灵,无论是《料理鼠王》还是《TOM猫和JERRY鼠》等等都是如此,都带给了我们很多的欢乐,包括可爱的米老鼠,它也是漂亮、可爱、快乐的化身,让我们喜爱的小伙伴。 可是这本绘本图书《我想有个家》里的这只小老鼠却让我们产生了恻隐之心,它躲在黑暗里,看着外面灯火通明的温暖世界,它感受到的一定是无尽的失望与悲伤。 看完了这个绘本故事,它告诉我们:每一个人都应该用自己的爱心去关注那些苦难的小孩子们,尤其是自己的孩子,要从这个故事当中明白,学会珍惜,学会感恩,充满爱心;珍惜自己拥有的一切,感恩每一位关爱自己的人,用爱心去帮助有需要的小朋友,将自己的光明与温暖分享给每一个伙伴。

By Lauren Child, Paperback or Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 38 pages, 10.75"x9.15" (PB) or 11"x9.4" (HC)
Item: That Pesky Rat
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