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Charlie and Lola Series IV BSE300


We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers - After Charlie convinces Lola to recycle her old toys instead of throwing them away, Lola discovers a recycling competition. If she can recycle one hundred plastic, metal, and paper items, she can get her very own real live tree to plant. But she only has two weeks, so Lola decides to ask her classmates to help. They turn out to be extremely very good recyclers indeed. This adventure is printed on FSC-approved paper and includes recycling tips as well as a tree poster just like Lola’s, so kids can keep track of their recycling projects and help to save the planet all on their own.
This Is Actually My Party - It’s Charlie’s birthday, but Lola is so excited, she opens all of Charlie’s birthday cards and blows out his birthday candles—and gets banned from the party! Will Charlie and Lola be able to make up in time to save the party—and their friendship?
I Will Be Especially Very Careful - Lola and Lotta's friendship is put to the test! Lola’s bestest best friend Lotta has a new coat, which was an extra-special gift from her granny. It is the fluffiest, softest, most loveliest coat Lola has EVER seen and she absolutely must borrow it. Lotta says okay, but only as long as Lola promises to not wear it in the rain or spill food on it or get it dirty. Will Lola be able to keep her promise? With Lauren Child's signature wit and verve, this new Charlie and Lola adventure shows how important honesty is in bestest-best friendships.
I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs - In this book, adapted from a script from the television show Charlie and Lola, the siblings prepare for the arrival of the school guinea pig, Bert. Despite the fact that Lola knows less about guinea pigs and their care then her friends do, she is picked to take the animal home. She has determined that Bert is a girl because of his long pretty hair. Everyone assures her that she is wrong, but Lola is proven correct when, after a brief disappearance, Bert reemerges with a brand-new family. Readers already familiar with these children will be pleased to reacquaint themselves with sensible, steady Charlie and the always-playful, always-curious Lola. For children 4-8.


By Lauren Child, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 30 pages/book, 11.15"x10.15"
Item: Charlie and Lola Series IV
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