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Inspire Chinese BLR031


• Comes in a variety of question types, making it an excellent choice for revision material: Based on the latest Chinese textbook, Huanle Huoban, questions incorporate a variety of real-life scenarios and are delivered through lively images to nurture the child’s interest in the Chinese language. Through this, the book raises the language ability and confidence of the child and hones his ability to answer questions.
• Clear learning objectives designed according to teaching points: Learning objectives such as pinyin, tones, character recognition, writing, strokes, radicals, words, semantics, etc., incorporated in a variety of question formats help children reach their learning goals.
• Includes scoring rubrics and reference answers: Scoring rubrics and reference answers are provided for each practice to facilitate easy marking by teachers and parents.

• 题型多元,适合课堂后的巩固学习:本练习册根据最新小学华文《欢乐伙伴》教材编写。透过各类生活化习题与精彩的图文呈现,培养孩子对华文学习的兴趣,从而训练其作答能力,提升语文水平与信心。
• 清楚列明学习目标,配合各项教学要点设题:明列学习目标包含了拼音、声调、识读、识写、笔画、偏旁、词语、语义等各项教学重点,并配合形式多样的设题,让学生在积极有效的练习中,达成目标。
• 附有计分与参考答案:各练习均提供计分与答案,方便老师和家长在批改时作为参考依据。

By Lee Yoke Kew, Paperback, simplified Chinese characters, 146-244 pages/book, 10.25"x7.5"
Item: Inspire Chinese
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