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Chinese Graded Readers - Beginner BSE256


Chinese Graded Readers of the Chinese Library Series is a set of Chinese graded readers designed for overseas children. These stories, short in length, are vividly told in interesting and simple language and illustrated by beautiful pictures. Fully in view of beginners’ reality, this set of books uses carefully-chosen words to develop the plot and make it possible for children in a confined language environment to enjoy more pleasure in reading and learning Chinese language and the culture it represents. After the story is told, exercises and an extended reading material at the end of each book can be used for reference by students and their teacher. The word list, arranged before the story is told, helps children to understand the story.  Each book is accompanied by a CD-ROM in which the word list, text and an extended reading material are included. Ages 4-8.

Fly High - This is a story about the friendship between a little girl and an injured bird.
Miss Mouse - Based on the popular Chinese story of the “Wedding of Mice”, this book tells how Miss Mouse got married.
The Talking Bird - This is an interesting story about a parrot learning to talk.
The Chinese Zodiac - This is a story about the origin of Chinese Zodiac.
Two Little Cats - It tells a story about two little cats: Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai. These two cats are different in personality.


Book Titles:
Fly High 飞吧
Miss Mouse 老鼠小姐
The Talking Bird 小鸟说话
The Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖
Two Little Cats 小黑和小白

By Carol Chen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character and Pinyin, 1 page Vocabulary in Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 17 pages/book, 1 CD-ROM/book, 7.25"x6.75"
Item: Chinese Graded Readers - Beginner
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