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Chinese Readers Pre-Intermediate - Myths and Legends BST249


The Chinese Library Series is a collection of graded Chinese readers designed for kids and teenagers, consisting of six levels. There are stories about the life of modern teenagers, classical works, myths, legends, idiom stories and so on, which enable students to learn Chinese characters and words better, to improve their Chinese competence and enhance their understanding of the Chinese culture while enjoying reading.


Book Titles:
Pangu and the Creation of the World 盘古开天地
Goddess Nvwa Patches up the Sky 女娲补天
The Giant Kuafu Chases the Sun 夸父追日
Jingwei Fills up the Sea 精卫填海
Shooting the Suns 射日 

By Carol Chen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 20-23 pages/book, 7.3"x6.6", 1 CD-ROM
Item: Chinese Readers Pre-Intermediate - Myths and Legends
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