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Chinese Readers Elementary - Idioms About Zodiac BST234


Chinese Idioms are set phrases which normally consist of four characters. They have evolved over thousands of years and make the Chinese language richer and more colorful. Most Chinese idioms originate from myths, fables and historical events. As a result, they do not conform to modern Chinese grammatical structure or syntax; normally they are very concise and abbreviated. They aim to convey the moral behind the story instead of narrating the story itself. A Chinese idiom story will not only tell you the meaning of a phrase, but will also help you to learn more about Chinese culture. The example sentences in this book show how idioms are use in context. Have fun! Please click here for sample images.


Book Titles:
Rat 鼠
Ox 牛
Tiger 虎
Rabbit 兔
Dragon 龍
Snake 蛇
Horse 馬
Sheep 羊
Monkey 猴
Rooster 雞
Dog 狗
Pig 豬

By Carol Chen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 19 pages/book, 7.3"x6.7", 1 CD-ROM/book
Item: Chinese Readers Elementary - Idioms About Zodiac
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