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Who Will Buy the Sugar Coated Haws - An old grandfather has been selling sugar coated haws in an alleyway for a long time, but nobody comes to buy them. He is surrounded by cats in the alleyway, but then suddenly he hears little children asking to buy his haws. Each child gave him money and he sold his haws.

The Peony Fairy - The Peony Fairy lived in Beijing's Jingshan Park. A mother had told her daughter to cherish all the peony's at the park because each peony had a fairy inside. The little girl sees the fairy in a dream and they become friends. Soon after, something happens and the fairy is forced to leave.

Hot Pot - Three children are cold and hungry in the alley. Grandfather starts boiling food for them to eat and slowly each child start helping cook the meal. After everything is finished, their shop is closed and the children leave but Grandfather misses them dearly. Will they come back to him?




Book Titles:
Who Will Buy The Sugar-Coated Haws 冰糖葫芦谁买
The Peony Fairy 牡丹小仙人
Hotpot  咕噜噜的涮锅子

By Dongni Bao, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 38 pages/book, 10.5"x8.25"
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