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I Love Reading Bridge Book Series BSG074


I Love Reading Bridge Book Series includes nine story books written by famous Chinese children's authors, such as Zhang Zhilu, Ge Bing, Zhou Rui, Tang Sulan, Wang Yimei, Bao Dongni, Xiao Ping, Li Zhiwei and Gu Ying. The series is designed for young children to learn about friendship, perseverance, responsibility, humor, mission, fantasy, growth and more.  Illustrated with beautiful water color paintings and written in simple Chinese text. These stories are great for students who have already acquired 500-1000 Chinese characters. Get our I Grew Up Story Books too!

著名儿童文学作家张之路、葛冰、周锐、汤素兰、王一梅、保冬妮、萧萍、李志伟、顾鹰 ... ...
为孩子量身打造 -- 分级阅读桥梁书系第一辑:最新原创作品,唯美彩色插图,小学高级教师的智慧导读,架起亲子共读到独立阅读的完美桥梁,使孩子养成终生阅读的好习惯。请参阅更多的内容介绍和目录

Book Titles:
Last Song -- Friendship 最后一支曲子 -- 友谊
Little Superman -- Perseverance无敌小超人 -- 毅力
I am a Flower -- Fantacy 我是花精,我是花 -- 梦幻
Flying Frog -- Resonsiblity飞来的青蛙 -- 责任
Sock Sisters and Shoe Couple -- Cherish 袜子姐妹和鞋子夫妻 -- 怀念
Signal -- Growth 暗号 -- 成长
Blossom Rabbit Hillside -- Desire 开满鲜花的兔儿坡 -- 向往
Apple Prince -- Mission 苹果王子 -- 使命
Can Tongue be the Quilt Cover -- Humor 舌头能当被子盖吗 -- 幽默

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 64-80 pages/book, 8.25"x6.25"
Item: I Love Reading Bridge Book Series
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