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Chinese Language Supplementary Readers Level 2 BSE684


Adapted from the existing CLIPS Supplementary Readers (Revised Ed), this new edition consists of a curated collection of 39 books handpicked to align to the latest Primary Chinese syllabus revisions.

Adjustments were made to the vocabulary used in this graded series to better facilitate students with differing language proficiencies and learning needs. This provides teachers and parents greater flexibility in their selection of suitable readers for students.


  • A myriad of content-rich readers to pique pupils’ reading interest. With literacy genres ranging from fables and fairytales to historical accounts and life stories, this wide selection of engaging and age-appropriate readers helps to pique pupils’ interest in reading.
  • Reinforces pupils’ learning with graded readers and Chinese-English vocabulary list. This set of graded readers comprises of four levels: Level 1 is suitable for Primary 1 & 2 pupils, Level 2 is suitable for Primary 2 & 3 pupils, Level 3 is suitable for Primary 3 & 4 pupils and Level 4 is suitable for Primary 4 pupils and beyond. Each reader includes a Chinese-English vocabulary list to help pupils understand these terms with ease. Pupils can use it for reference during composition writing, improving their language proficiency. This is level 2. 
  • Caters to the needs of teachers and parents. Each reader concludes with a series of open-ended questions to nurture pupils’ critical thinking skills and encourage conversations that helps to improve their oral abilities. Apart from using it for classroom teaching, this set of readers is also suitable for pupils to conduct self-directed learning after class.

Book Titles:
The Sleepy Worm 睡虫
What’s Wrong with Maomao 毛毛的毛病
Why Not 为什么不可以
We Are Useful Toys 我们玩具真有用
The Proud Mirror 穿衣镜
A Vain Butterfly 爱美的蝴蝶 
The Amazing Hi-tech Shoes 跑吧!原子鞋
The Brave Flying Fish 勇敢的飞鱼
The Playful Heart 爱玩的心
Adventure in the Chicken Coop 大闹养鸡场
Xiangxiang’s Dream 香香的梦
LiangLiang Got Thinner 亮亮变瘦了
I Won't Dare Anymore 以后我不敢了

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 8.25"x5.8"
Item: Chinese Language Supplementary Readers Level 2
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