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Charlie and Lola BSW758


Lola really wants to live in a tent. 'I would quite like to be an explorer, Charlie', says Lola. So Charlie and Lola set off on an adventure, but instead of packing explorer essentials like binoculars or string, Lola has brought lots and lots of glitter and pink milk! They head off into the wild, ready to face tigers and bears and go foraging for food. But, when it starts to rain, Lola's not so keen on being stuck outside - so they do indoor-outdoor camping at home and go on an imaginative adventure instead.

Lola gets to bring the class guinea pig, Bert, home over school vacation! She takes good care of Bert, but when she and Charlie build him a guinea pig run, he escapes. They hunt all over, and when they find him, they also discover a big surprise?lots of absolutely very adorable baby Berts! This new Charlie and Lola adventure will have readers giggling and wishing for a pet guinea pig of their very own.

年輕的英國童書作家蘿倫.柴爾德,幽默的口吻與獨特的多媒材拼貼,讓她成為英國最受歡迎的童書天后。繼1999年獲得英國史馬堤斯大獎(Smarties Book Prize)後,2001年更以兩本書同獲英國最重要圖畫書獎項~凱特格林納威大獎(Kate Greenaway Medal)提名,並以《我絕對絕對不吃蕃茄》摘下大獎。她成功創作了查理和蘿拉系列,被英國著名電視台BBC搬上螢幕,成為家喻戶曉的動畫作品,紅遍英國、中國…等地。她的圖畫書,大多是孩子本身的生活縮影,尤其是小蘿拉,常常讓孩子覺得「蘿拉的想法就是我的想法,我和她是同一國的」。请点击参阅分册介绍

Book Title:
But Where Completely are We? 但我們到底在哪裡?
I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs 我非常非常了解天竺鼠

By Lauren Child, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Character and Zhuyin, 32 pages/Book, 9.5"x8.85"
Item: Charlie and Lola
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