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Hanyu Pinyin 1+1 BLE365


Hanyu Pinyin 1+1 provides supplementary pinyin practice for primary one pupils and is designed to complement the new Primary 1 Chinese textbook (Huanle Huoban) developed by MOE, Singapore.  

  • With Hanyu Pinyin 1+1, students practise the correct method of writing Hanyu Pinyin, revise and consolidate their understanding of radicals and components, stroke and sequence of Chinese characters。
  • Students will also master the hanyu pinyin initials, finals and positioning rules of tonal marks.
  • For school adoptions, teacher resources are available for free download. 

《汉语拼音1+1》是配合新加坡教育部2015年最新小一课本 《欢乐伙伴》拼音教学的强化练习。  
• 紧扣所有课文,每一课一个练习,共十个练习 •  =习写拼音 + 练习 • 每课练习都写明学习目标,活动依学习目标设计
• 习写部份中的四线格,帮助学生练习正确、规范地书 写拼音,快速掌握声母、韵母和调号的位置
• 练习部份将巩固学生该课所须学的拼音、生字、笔画 笔顺和偏旁部首 • 特别为教学设计了汉语拼音资源,与练习本配合使 用。 

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 88 pages, 11.7"x8.27"
Item: Hanyu Pinyin 1+1
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