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Chinese Graded Reader Level 6-Intermediate High BSG330


World Chinese Graded Readers is a 10 Level series for learners of the Chinese language. Comprising hundreds of best-loved children's readers, this series features fascinating content, beautiful illustrations, and authentic language usage. Graded with reference to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Reading, the books expose learners to a wide range of vocabulary and language forms to develop their reading skills at each level. Learners will engage with a variety of themes related to the world around them and acquire useful vocabulary and sentence structure for everyday communication, and life in a diverse world. Simple and enjoyable, this is a series you won't want to put down! Each reader includes Pinyin annotations, full English translation and a glossary of useful words

E-books are available for purchase at $5.95 each, and please contact us for details.

Book Titles:

Mr. Spider's Funeral 蜘蛛先生的葬礼
Searching for the Happy Forest 寻找快活林
The Wood Ear 木耳
The Little Red Boat that Rocks 小红船儿摇呀摇 
The Story of the Bird and the Iceberg 鸟和冰山的故事
Granny Has Turned Into An Old Doll 外婆变成老娃娃
Defeating My Mom 我用32个睡魔怪打败了我妈妈
The Moon Bear Goes to Heaven 月熊在天堂
The Brave Journey of the Sea Turtle 小海龟的勇敢旅程
Ocean Lessons for the Hermit Crab 寄居蟹的海洋课
The Little Sea Otter Searches for His Father 小海獭找爸爸
Brother Octopus Plays Hide-and-Seek 章鱼哥藏猫猫
Little Clownfish Loves the Sea Anemone 小丑鱼爱海葵
Dugong Looking for Manatee 儒艮找海牛
Mother Polar Bear 北极熊妈妈
The Lion King Father 狮王爸爸
The Sweet Potato That Loves to Imagine 爱幻想的地瓜
The Versatile Dragon Beard Noodle 百变龙须面
The Young Green Bean Lady 绿豆姑娘
The Plain Bun and the Stuffed Bun 馒头和包子
Hello, Chinese Pie 你好,馅饼
The Soft Tofu 软软的豆腐
The Strange Bear School 怪怪熊学校
The Train to Bear Town 开往熊镇的列车
Little Yellow, Little Red, and Little Green 小黄、小红和小绿
Rescuing My Dad 我用32个睡魔怪救了我爸爸
The Moose of Evenk 鄂温克的驼鹿
Antenna Superhero's Odyssey 天线超人漫游记
Mobilized Courier Boxes 快递盒总动员
Save the Fruits and Vegetables Operation 拯救蔬果大行动
Wonderful Dance Party in the Bathroom 浴室里的奇妙舞会

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters,36-52 pages/book, 8.25"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Graded Reader Level 6-Intermediate High
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