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HuanLe Huoban Chinese Language Int'l Edition Activity Books BLE375


Huanle Huoban (International Edition) is an adaptation of Singapore’s Chinese Language for Primary Schools instructional material. This series is specifically designed for children learning Chinese as a Second Language. A variety of holistic resources, ranging from textbooks, activity books, teaching toolkits, and digital resources are available for learners and teachers to enhance the teaching and learning of the Chinese language in a fun and purposeful way.
Activity Book Feature:
Content Covers Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing • Listening Comprehension focuses on listening to short sentences or conversations • Speaking Exercises focuses on using images to assist learners in speaking • Reading and Writing Exercises focuses on recognising and writing, and modularly moving towards writing sentences and short paragraphs • Activity Books use illustrations to make learning fun and are aligned to YCT standards, allowing learners to prepare for their YCT examinations • The books come with QR codes that can be scanned for further listening comprehension exercises

听力练习主要是听短句或简短的对话,说话练习主要是利用图画来引导学生说话,读写练习从认字、 写字开始,逐渐过渡到学习词汇、句子和短文。 • 采用图文并茂的方式提高练习的趣味性。 • 配合 YCT 考试的题型设计,可作为学生准备 YCT 考试的练习使用。 • 听力练习都附 QR 码。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, and Pinyin, 52-72 pages/book, 10.25"x7.5"
Item: HuanLe Huoban Chinese Language Int'l Edition Activity Books
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